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Marc Parham meets with President Obama

Atlanta, GA —- October 15, 2013) —- Marc Parham, managing partner of the CAPBuilder Network Group, was one of nine small business professionals invited to the West Wing of the White House to discuss with the President how the current crisis is affecting business owners. The meeting, held on October 11, 2013 was requested by the President so that he could gather firsthand information to use when discussing and negotiating the impact of the government shutdown.  The types of businesses in attendance included manufacturing, technology, energy, retail and consulting.

During the meeting each person was asked by the President how they were being directly affected. “I work with people that are either ready to start or have existing businesses. Through the efforts of the SBA and other agencies these people have just started to trust the government and are now ready to start or grow their businesses and take more control of their lives. Now they are again uncertain if the government really cares or is stable enough to support them as they move forward”, was Mr. Parham’s response to the President.

Throughout the hour long meeting The President discussed his concerns and his efforts towards resolving the situation, some of which included how to keep the American people confident in the country’s continued economic growth.

“I was very impressed that with everything he had going on,  the President still took the time to meet with us. He was very direct and sincere with his comments and questions. The meeting enhanced my continued support for this administration”, stated Mr. Parham.


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